Welcome to Jai Shree College

Jai Shree College welcome you all. Economic level of our country is increasing day by day but somehow we are lacking in our moral and cultural values. The main objective of teaching is to over all development of a child. In present scenario today where the purpose is only of acquiring self & power values are decreasing that's why knowledge, intelligence and internal power are imbalances which is also affecting our cultural values. In the atmosphere of social disparities a teacher have a great responsibility that developed good character moral values, limitation, self confidence and discipline among students.

At our college the highly pedagogy imparts rigorous training to extract the optimum from every student. SGI inculcated in its students the three �D� core values � DISCIPLINE, DEDICATION & DETERMINATION, the corner stones of their success. We are extremely thankful to the entire distinguished educational house who blessed the SGI Educational movement through valuable support.

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